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November in Central Oregon


Our fall days just keep going…  The weather is staying mild as people are raking leaves and pruning grasses.   Word is out that Mt. Bachelor will not be opening before December.  It is sounding like the long-range forecast is going to keep us dry. Definitely a disappointment for those with Thanksgiving reservations that had planned on getting some runs in.  On another note, the golfers will be ecstatic that they will get an extended season.  You just never know what you are going to get in Central Oregon!

Fall in Central Oregon!


Central Oregon may very well be one of the most beautiful places to be in the fall.  The weather is crisp and refreshing.  There are numerous fall hikes to go on to take in all the various colors.  Shevlin Park and the river trail near Benham Falls are a couple of my favorites.  Even a walk around Mirror Pond won’t disappoint.  Sunriver is a great place to take in the colors on bicycle and it is basically flat so people of all ages can get a nice bike ride in.  There are some great lunch spots there to hydrate and have a good meal after the ride.  The little putting course at the resort is also nice for all ages.  For the brave at heart, a kayak paddle is still welcoming but the water will be chilly!

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